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maintenance and modernization


  • Effective requirement management
  • Relationship based apporoach
  • Low code

Effective requirements management is the key challenge in offshore solution delivery

We use visual modelling and collaboration tools to capture, validate, prioritize requirements and track changes.


Capture requirements, develop wireframes and business rules by using visual modelling tools.

  • Story Boarding

    Story Boarding
  • ->
  • Modeling Tools

    Modelling Tools
  • ->
  • Wireframes Business Rules

    Business Rules


Obtain the feedback and validate the requirements by using discussion boards.

  • Requirements Mgmt. Tool

    Mgmt. Tool
  • ->
  • Discussions

  • ->
  • Final List

    Final List

Healthy relationship between the client and the offshore team is critical for the successful delivery

Our emphasis on relationship approach for understanding the team culture, methodologies and tooling helps us build a team that delivers

Promote Discussion

Promote Discussion

Improve engineers participation by promoting task level discussion boards. Promote visual modelling wherever possible.



Coach new members on processes and standards during the transition phase to set the right expectations.



Build mutual trust between geographically separated teams by using collaboration tools for insights into daily activities.

Low Code

Our team constantly explores the reuse of open source and paid components to reduce the code footprint.

  • Monitoring & Instrumentation

    User behavior, NMS integration, tickets, crash reporting

    Nagios, Splunk, Google analytics, Freshdesk, Zendesk and Crashlytics

  • Location Services

    Locators, maps, address verification, shipping, weather, air quality

    Breezometer,, UPS, ShippersHQ, Google maps and Yelp

  • Frontend

    UI Frameworks, infographics, charts, maps & widgets, multi-region, multi-language

    d3js, Highcharts, Datawrapper, Raphaeljs, Leaflet, Bootstrap, Reactjs, React Native, Angular, Vue, Polymer and Ionic

  • Customer Touch points

    Campaigns E-mail, Text, Social, Telephony, IVR, Chat, Reviews

    Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Twilio, Live person, Salesforce live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Slack and Zapier

  • Security

    Single Sign-On

    Oauth 2, LDAP, AD authentications and SSO

Mobile Enablement

UI/UX, native, cross-platform, device & sensor integrations


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