— Modernization

Cloud Services

Re-platform, Optimization and Managed Services


Replatform Service

We reduce operating costs by migrating monolithic apps to multiple containers based on usage and licensing options. Our service includes

  • Container creation & deployment
  • CI/CD automation pipelines
  • Auto scaling, Scheduled jobs setup
  • Backups, Alerts setup


Optimization Service

We reengineer existing solutions to reduce TCO by embracing cloud native features and resources. Service highlights are

  • Conversion of low utilization apps into serverless functions
  • Auto scaling apps which are facing fluctuating demand
  • Reduce code by taking advantage of cloud native services


Managed Services

Our managed services program has an integrated Learning & Quality assurance program. Our service includes

  • L1 support – ad-hoc requests
  • L2 coordination till resolution
  • Attend & Resolve NMS alerts
  • Monitor daily backups

— Modernization

DevOps Automation

Delivery, Test, Deployment and Operations Automation Services


Delivery Automation

We help you create a robust build pipeline which follows best practices such as twelve factor app methodology. Our service includes

  • Setup CI/CD tooling
  • Develop build scripts
  • Include Code compliancy tools
  • Setup reports and notifications


Test Automation

We implement continuous test automation systems for testing web applications, rich clients and API endpoints. Our service highlights are

  • Setup testing environment
  • Develop Test scripts
  • Code coverage analysis
  • Test reporting integration


Deployment Automation

We help you with automation of your deployments and configuration management activities. Our service includes

  • Resource Provisioning Scripts
  • Deployment scripts
  • Configuration Scripts
  • Setup batch jobs, backup policies
  • Logs and monitoring integration

— Modernization


Application heart beats and proactive monitoring integration services


App Heart Beats

We implement a realistic app monitoring solution by validating user journeys against live environment. The Solution includes

  • User journey Test scripts (Heart beats)
  • App beat platform to run the heartbeats
  • Visual dashboards
  • Cloud logs / NMS integration


Operations Automation

We reduce the spend and the burden of IT audits by automating manual activities. Our service includes

  • Configuration management tool (Chef, Ansible,…) setup
  • Ticketing system integration
  • Server, Accounts provisioning
  • Patch management
  • Config. management


Proactive Monitoring

Our Proactive monitoring solutions include Integration of native cloud logs with third party NMS solutions such as Splunk, Grafana, Nagios,…

  • Alerts workflow
  • C-level and app level dashboards
  • Usage Analytics